Season 1, Episode 3: The Door


"Son of a Billy Dean!" -Thurgood

"For your information, I'm tryin' to quit. See, I'm wearin' a crack patch." -Smokey
"That is a Band-aid, Mr. Crack." -Thurgood
"That would explain the less than satisfactory results." -Smokey

"With that door broken, what's to stop some strange man from comin' all up in here and havin' his way with me." -Bebe
"The long-ass line." -Thurgood
"Thurgood! That's my sister." -Muriel


Written by Steve Tompkins and Larry Wilmore, Directed by Ric Heitzman

Starring Eddie Murphy, Loretta Devine, James Black, Michael Paul Chan, Cassi Davis, Ja'net DuBois, Cheryl Francis Harrington, Shawn Michael Howard, Jenifer Lewis, Michele Morgan, Kevin Michael Richardson, Crystal Scales, Pepe Serna, Marc Wilmore, Mark Moseley.