Season 1, Episode 5: Rich Man, Porn Man


"I went to buy some pepper spray, but I forgot my stun gun." -Muriel

"Thurgood! This is his hovel and we are his guests." -Muriel
"Now now, mi crack house es tu crack house." -Smokey

"Smoky, how's your twelve-step recovery coming?" -Muriel
"Pretty good. Doctors say I'm down to eighty-eight percent body crack." -Smokey

"Fire! Fire! The roof is on fire!" -Thurgood


Written by Bill Freiberger, Directed by John Logue and Mark Gustafson

Starring Eddie Murphy, Loretta Devine, James Black, Michael Paul Chan, Cassi Davis, Ja'net DuBois, Cheryl Francis Harrington, Shawn Michael Howard, Jenifer Lewis, Michele Morgan, Kevin Michael Richardson, Crystal Scales, Pepe Serna, Marc Wilmore, Mark Moseley.