Season 1, Episode 9: Boyz 'N the Woods


"What are you doin' inside on a beautiful hot muggy summer day, anyway?" -Thurgood

"Y'know, I think you have a career ahead of you in the exciting world of law enforcement and/or terrorism." -Walter

"I don't trust no police station. Brothers check in, but they don't check out." -Thurgood

"Welcome to my fortress of squalidude, or as we like to call it, the happiest place on earth. But where are my manners? Babs? Deshaun? Take our guests' bags to their rooms." -Smoky
"We don't have any bags." -Calvin
"That's okay. We don't have any rooms. So, what brings you to Crack-grila?" -Smoky

"It was supposed to be an adventure, and it turned out to be nothing." -Calvin
"Really? What happened?" -Smoky
"Well, all we did was get chased by a monster, fall into a sewer with a million rats, escape a giant fireball, and discover a subterranean population of mysterious sewer people." -Calvin
"Maybe it's the crack residue clouding my head, but wasn't that an adventure?" -Smoky


Written by Ilana Wernick & Saladin Patterson, Directed by Paul Harrod

Starring Eddie Murphy, Loretta Devine, James Black, Michael Paul Chan, Cassi Davis, Ja'net DuBois, Jenifer Lewis....