#0 How the Super Stoled Christmas
#1 Home School Daze
#2 The Postman's Always Shot Twice
#3 The Preacher's Life
#4 The HJs
#5 Haiti and the Tramp
#6 Smokey the Squatter
#7 Weave's Have a Dream
#8 Let's Get Ready to Crumble
#9 Who Da Boss
#10 Fear of a Black Rat
#11 Ghetto Superstars
#12 What's Eating Juicy Hudson
#13 The Jeffersons
#14 Robbin HUD
#15 The Last Affirmative Action Hero
#16 Parole Officer and a Gentleman

#0 How the Super Stoled Christmas: Aired Friday, December 17, 1999

Muriel wants a computer for Christmas. Thurgood finds one at a local pawn shop, but when he gets no Christmas tips, he can't afford it. The pawn shop owner gives Thurgood the computer on the condition that Thurgood will use his master keys to the projects to reposses some items that people never finished paying for. Thurgood repossesses everything from everyone in the projects except his friends. The pawn shop owner says it's all or nothing, finish the list or give back the computer. Thurgood is torn, but then he sees his friends collecting money, and when he asks them what it's for, they nervously say they're going to the dog tracks and run away. Thurgood is mad that they have money to gamble, but nothing for him, so he decides to reposses their stuff too. Then he finds out they were buying him a massage chair for Christmas, so he sells the massage chair, and buys back all their stuff from the pawn shop.

#1 Home School Daze: Aired Tuesday, May 30, 2000

When the local teachers go on strike, the project bands together to home-school Calvin and Juicy. When they go to the Board of Education for updated text books, they find out that Thurgood never graduated from high school. For awhile he takes home-school classes with Calvin and Juicy, but his frustration with tests and his acting up during class makes him drop out. Smoky tells Thurgood that he can take his GED orally instead of written, so after studying with Smoky Thurgood goes to take his GED. He freezes up during the test until he imagines the residents of his building taunting him, and then he passes with flying colors.

#2 The Postman's Always Shot Twice: Aired Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Thurgood finally convinces the postman that he'll be safe if he delivers their mail straight to their building, but then Mrs. Avery shoots at the postman thinking he's a burgler. The department of social services decide that Mrs. Avery should be put in a home, but the project wants to take care of her themselves. Social services says okay, but they'll be checking up, and if she's not getting proper care she goes into a home. The project finds Mrs. Avery to be such a menace that they basically isolate her in Thurgood's recliner, denying her access to everything from her knitting needles to a magazine to her dog because she might harm herself or someone else. She gets so bored that she runs away, and after almost being fooled by Smoky in Mrs. Avery's dress, the social services inspector puts Mrs. Avery into a home. Mrs. Avery takes over the home, doing everything from ordering the medication to directing the home musical, but she's still miserable and wants to go home. With the help of her friends and neighbors, she makes her great escape, and with flawless logic from Thurgood convinces social services to let her stay home.

#3 The Preacher's Life: Aired Tuesday, June 6, 2000

Thurgood is electrocuted while fixing the electricity at the church and thinks he's been touched by the hand of God. He starts preaching in a revival tent in the courtyard of the projects, but he preaches for so long that everyone leaves. He goes to the roof of the building to talk to God and ends up jumping off, thinking that's what God wants. He lands safely having picked up a white suit off a clothesline on the way down, and realizes that the way to get people's attention is to do death-defying acts, so he becomes God's daredevil. In a stunt where he rides a motorcycle around a ball of death, the ball of death breaks free and destroys the community's church. Thurgood finally realizes that he's only been preaching to get attention for himself, not for God.

#4 The HJs: Aired Tuesday, June 13, 2000

Thurgood and the gang finds the old projects radio station on the roof of Hilton Jacobs. They start it up again and put on their own shows, but HUD tells them if they don't bring the ratings up they'll be shut down. Thurgood tries to do his own show, but it gets crashed by Smokey. The exchange between Thurgood and Smokey ends up being broadcast on the air, and the audience loves it. They become a ratings-magnet comedy team, but in the tradition of all great comedy teams, Smokey is more popular while Thurgood does all the work. Thurgood ends up getting frustrated and firing Smokey. The ratings of the radio station plummet and HUD shuts them down. The residents of HJ decides to hold a radio-thon to raise money to run the radio station, but it's failing miserably without Thurgood or Smokey. Muriel begs Thurgood for his help, and he goes to Smokey and apologizes for firing him and together they save the radio-thon.

#5 Haiti and the Tramp: Aired Tuesday, June 13, 2000

Walter and Haiti Lady get set up by Muriel at a card game, and although they don't get along at all, they go home together and have a passionate night. They quickly realize that their entire relationship is just fighting and sex, but nonetheless, Haiti Lady wants to get married. Walter tries to find a way to let her down easily, but ends up getting engaged. He tries to get her to dump him, but she just sees his annoying behavior as a challenge she won't turn down. Finally, at the wedding, Thurgood points out to Haiti Lady that Walter isn't really in love with her, and Walter finally gets the guts to say it too. They end up breaking up, but staying friends who fight and have great sex.

#6 Smokey the Squatter: Aired Tuesday, June 27, 2000

When a hurricane hits the projects, Muriel convinces Thurgood to let Smokey stay in the spare apartment in the building. Thurgood tries to kick Smokey out the next day, but Smokey won't go. Thurgood then tries to frame Smokey for robbery to get him arrested, but ends up getting arrested with him. They go on the lam when their police car crashes, and end up bonding over their mutual flight through the underground tunnels.

#7 Weave's Have a Dream: Aired Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Thurgood makes Muriel's dream come true by making her a beauty parlor in the boiler room. Muriel is less than psyched when Bebe horns in and they end up working the beauty parlor together. Muriel is even more upset when she realizes that Bebe is a more popular hairdresser because she's better at gossiping. Muriel works on her skills in dishing the dirt and gets so good that she accidentally lets a juicy secret about Bebe out. Bebe and Muriel end up in a serious feud that turns into a physical fight and brings the fragile beauty shop down around their ears. While trapped in the rubble the sisters admit to each other that they've always been jealous of one another and bond just before they are rescued by their husbands and neighbors.

#8 Let's Get Ready to Crumble: Aired Tuesday, July 4, 2000

Thurgood is teaching Calvin and Juicy about his glory days as a wrestler in the Negro league, when Juicy gets stuck in a sewer. A wrestler turned senator, Deke "The Physique" van Owen, sees Juicy's plight and comes to help. Thurgood recognizes van Owen as the guy the desegregated wrestling, and doesn't like him because in his eyes he's the guy that destoryed the Negro league. Van Owen, meanwhile, is shocked at the fact that no one in the projects can find jobs, so he decides to put up a big stadium in the area to goose the economy. The only problem is that the stadium parking lot would be where Hilton-Jacobs is now. All the tenants happily move out except Thurgood who stands by his building and the memories he has there. Thurgood gets the other tenants to stand by him, and the stadium is cancelled.

#9 Who Da Boss: Aired Tuesday, July 4, 2000

Thurgood's supervisor dies and Muriel gets his job. Muriels tries hard to follow the HUD manual and make sure that everything in the building is up to code, but she is constantly frustrated by Thurgood. She decides to write a terrible review of her own husband, but when she falls asleep he rewrites it and hands it in. She is furious that he forged his own review, but their fight is halted by disaster. Due to Muriel modifying Thurgood's modifications, their nuclear furnace is about to overheat and they have a melt-down situation on their hands. Thurgood saves the day, and Muriel learns that following the manual isn't always the answer to everything.

#10 Fear of a Black Rat: Aired Tuesday, July 11, 2000

When things start disappearing from tenants' apartments, they think they have a thief, but Thurgood discovers the thief is actually a rat. He traps the rat, but while trying to dispose of it in the incinerator, he accidentally catches himself on fire, and the rat turns on a sprinkler to put him out. After that, Thurgood and the rat become fast friends, although the rat still likes to attack Thurgood's face every now and then. Thurgood starts entering the rat in the local rat fights, and the rat performs well, but then Don King comes to town, and not only has a serious heavyweight fighting rat, but it turns out he used to date Muriel before she married Thurgood. Thurgood gets it into his head that if his rat doesn't beat Don King's, Muriel will leave him for the successful promoter. Thurgood's rat, however, is sick from being almost eaten by Smokey, and the vet has said that the rat will probably die if it fights. Thurgood throws him into the ring anyway, but pulls him out at the last minute feeling guilty about sentencing the rat to his death. Muriel is proud of Thurgood for withdrawing from nasty rat fights, and disgusted with Don King because he's still crowing that he won.

#11 Ghetto Superstars: Aired Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Thurgood is supervising a convict doing work in the projects for community service, and it turns out that the convict is the famous rapper QT, convicted of not paying taxes. Thurgood tries to get QT to help him become a star, but QT is more interested in Calvin and Juicy. Thurgood decides to ride the boys' coattails as their manager, but ends up blowing the deal with QT for them and telling the boys that QT just didn't like them. He tries to give the boys a career without QT, but he's booking them fish store gigs and house parties that take place in Smokey's cardboard box. Then the boys find out that Thurgood lied to them so they run away to find QT at a big rap showcase called Hoodstock. Thurgood tracks them down just in time to see the kids booed off stage.

#12 What's Eating Juicy Hudson: Aired Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Juicy gets tired of always having to take care of his overweight housebound parents. Juicy's dad asks Thurgood to look out for his son, so Thurgood and Juicy build a treehouse together. Juicy is angry that his dad doesn't even come watch him play baseball or perform in school plays, so Mr. Hudson makes a supreme effort and bursts out of his apartment to come see Juicy in his treehouse. Mr. Hudson promises Juicy that things will change and he'll start taking care of the family.

#13 The Jeffersons: Aired Tuesday, July 25, 2000

When Thurgood finds an old family bible with a family tree, he finds out that his ancestors are Sally Hemings and President Thomas Jefferson. This discovery gives him political aspirations, and he runs for alderman. He is way behind in the polls when a consortium offers to back him and make sure he gets elected. He happily accepts, but after he takes office the consortium bribes him with fake pictures of him cheating on Muriel. The consortium insists that he open new liquor stores instead of a new library and school. When he refuses, the consortium threatens his life. He stands up to the consortium and, with help from his friends, fakes his own death.

#14 Robbin HUD: Aired Tuesday, August 1, 2000

The building's water filter gets gunked up, and Thurgood can't get HUD to give him a new one. He and some of the gang break into HUD to steal a new water filter, but they end up finding mind-bogglingly plush toilet paper. In the process of taking the toilet paper, they botch the job and almost get caught. Back at home, the toilet paper is all anyone can think about - even Muriel is taken by it. Thurgood realizes the only way to avoid getting caught is to get rid of the evidence, but he is almost mobbed by his friends when he tries to dispose of all of the stolen toilet paper. Just then, HUD shows up in a helicopter and busts him. In the melee, Thurgood accidentally falls off the roof of the building and wakes up in the hospital to a HUD administrator who proundly announces that instead of one water filter a year, Thurgood's building will now get two water filters every thirty-six months.

#15 The Last Affirmative Action Hero: Aired Tuesday, August 29, 2000

When Jackie Chan decides to film his latest movie in the projects, Thurgood makes it his mission to make sure the projects are portrayed well. When he falls down on the job and the film ends up making the projects look awful, he tries to steal the film to keep it from being released. He manages to get Jackie on his side and together they thwart the evil director and the release of his terrible film.

#16 Parole Officer and a Gentleman: Aired Tuesday, September 5, 2000

When Thurgood can't get dental care, he and Walter hatch a plan to get Thurgood in jail long enough to get his tooth fixed. While drugged up in the jail dentist chair, Thurgood accidentally assaults the dentist and ends up getting sentenced to community service and parole under Walter's supervision. Thurgood doesn't take Walter seriously as his parole officer and they end up fighting until they accidentally kill each other. When they are brought back to life, all is forgiven.