Quotes from Fear of a Black Rat

Thurgood: "You all know the projects' code. Lovely to look at, delightful to hold, if you put it down, consider it stoled."

Bebe: "Thurgood is the thief!"
Muriel: "Oh no!"
Bebe: "Oh yeah. I guess know we know his thang ain't the only thing that's crooked."

Thurgood: "Muriel, pull my feet."

Thurgood: "Here ratty rat rat, I think you need some more iron in your diet."

Thurgood: "Rat fights? Rats weren't put on earth to fight, they were put on earth to eat garbage and spread disease."

Walter: "Okay, rats, no dirty stuff. I want a nice clean fight to the death."

Thurgood: "Lord knows if I was making four figures I'd be living in a big white house with a big white car and a big white woman."
Muriel: "Thurgood!"
Thurgood: "On the side, Muriel, on the side."

Thurgood: "Why don't you do what I do and put your rat where your mouth is?"
Don King: "All right, but be prepared to suffer a defecating defeat!"

Don King to Muriel: "I should have known that a delicate flower with a butt as big as yours would have been plucked by now."

Thurgood to Mr. Whiskers: "Aw, don't poop while I'm talkin' to you."

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