Quotes from What's Eating Juicy Hudson

Walter: "We'll score that a hit and run."

Mr. Hudson: "It won't always be like this. Soon you'll grow up and get married and have a life of your own."
Juicy: "Really?" Mr. Hudson: "Yes, and then there'll be two of you to take care of us."

Thurgood: "What else do you do to spend your free time?"
Juicy: "Greasing my father's thighs."
Thurgood: "Oh, sweet Jesus, please tell me that's a video game."

Juicy: "Where are we going to find wood? A construction site?"
Thurgood: "Oh, yeah, right, new construction in the projects. We'll look right between the Starbucks and the Disney store."

Mr. Hudson: "Thurgood, look at me. How am I gonna get up there?"
Thurgood: "Oh, you leave that to me, Papa Hudson. If they can fake puttin' a man on the moon, I can put your ass up in a treehouse."

Thurgood: "A boy shouldn't be away from his family, that's a father's job."

Thurgood: "The landlord helps them who help themselves."

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